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1. Installation

1.1. Preparing the hardware

For PyRPL to work, you must have a working Red Pitaya / StemLab (official documentation) connected to the same local area network (LAN) as the computer PyRPL is running on. PyRPL is compatible with all operating system versions of the Red Pitaya and does not require any customization of the Red Pitaya. If you have not already set up your Red Pitaya:

Hardware installation for PyRPL gives more detailed instructions in case you are experiencing any trouble.

1.2. Installing PyRPL

The easiest and fastest way to get PyRPL running is to download and execute the latest precompiled executable for

If you prefer an installation from source code, go to Running the Python source code.

1.3. Compiling the FPGA code (optional)

A ready-to-use FPGA bitfile comes with PyRPL. If you want to build your own, possibly customized bitfile, go to Building the FPGA firmware.