Fork PyRPL on GitHub

5.1. Contributing to PyRPL¶

Contributions to the PyRPL are welcome. To submit your changes for inclusion, please follow this procedure:

  1. Fork this repository to your own github account using the fork button in the upper right corner on
  2. Clone (download) the fork to a local computer using git clone.
  3. Modify anything you find useful, from the Python source code to the FPGA design. If you modify the FPGA, make sure to include the bitfile (see Building the FPGA firmware).
  4. Modify the documentation in the docs-subfolder if necessary.
  5. Use git add–>git commit–>git push to add changes to your fork.
  6. Then submit a pull request by clicking the pull request button on your github repo.

Check the guide to git for more information.