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5.2. Building the FPGA firmware

5.2.1. Compiling the FPGA code

5.2.2. How to get the right license for Vivado 2015.4

  • After having created an account on, go to
  • Fill out your name and address and click “next”.
  • select Certificate Based Licenses/Vivado Design Suite: HL WebPACK 2015 and Earlier License
  • click Generate Node-locked license
  • click Next
  • get congratulated for having the new license file ‘xilinx.lic’ mailed to you. Download the license file and import it with Xilinx license manager.
  • for later download: the license appears under the tab ‘Managed licenses’ with asterisks (*) in each field except for ‘license type’=’Node’, ‘created by’=’your name’, and the creation date.

The license problem is also discussed in issue #272 with screenshots of successful installations.